Hairballs: A Blog

Healing with A Little Help from Some Friends

Necole has a full house. Five kids, ages 3 months to 15 years. And then there are the four dogs, including two puppies. It gets crazy, she admits. But to her way of thinking, at a certain point the chaos couldn’t get much more… chaotic. “Life is already...
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The Heartbreak of Heartworm

A lot of people don’t know what a heartworm is, but the truth is that it’s exactly what it sounds like: a type of parasite that takes up residence in your pet’s heart, doing damage all the while. And though that kind of infestation seems like the type...
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a dog lays on the grass with his front paws around a soccer ball

Summer Safety

  Summer arrives like a floodlamp aimed right at your eyes. You open the door one day and suddenly you feel like you’re swimming because it’s so humid, and how come you’re already sweating after five seconds? Wasn’t it just spring yesterday? While it’s a shock for us,...
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Friends like Virginia and Butter are why we work in the community every day.

Not Going it Alone

You know this. That life can be tough and random and lonely. But this is not about that. Not even a little. In fact, even with that small reminder that there’s a line somewhere out there we all know about and some of us cross (willingly or not),...
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A woman and her daughter hold their puppy and smile at the camera

Pet Appreciation Week

It’s no secret that we believe that the bond between people and their pets has the ability to change lives, or even save them. What makes Pet Appreciation Week so special for us is that it’s a chance to really showcase how that bond manifests, because honestly, we...
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To end pet homelessness, we need more homes. And to reduce unwanted pets through spay and neuter.

All For a Friend Named Leroy

This is a story about perspective. It’s about loss and pain and struggle. But what stands out is that it’s also a story about unconditional love. And that friendship really matters. What doesn’t matter is how many legs those friends happen to have. … I first met John...
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Fetching a ball takes on a whole new meaning to playing ball.

Splish Splash: Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Water

With summer upon us (maybe earlier than we wanted, right?), a lot of folks will have their dogs around the water. And a great many of those dogs will want to give swimming a try. It’s a great way to cool off, of course, but also one of...
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A girl holds a black puppy in her arms and smiles for the camera.

Day in the Life: Wellness Care Clinic

Nine a.m. arrives relatively quietly on this Wednesday. Surgery check-in goes until 8:30, and there aren’t too many people running late, so we’re actually a little quiet in the waiting area. One man is already waiting, though. James has two pups, Finnley and Veda, and he’s an eager...
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Soco looks so serious but she's just a gentle giant.

Being Where We’re Needed

Joel first showed up at SNKC with Soco when she was sick with pyometra, a uterine infection that is life-threatening for a dog. He had been to a vet clinic and, after recently losing his job, realized that paying for emergency care wasn’t going to be easy. He...
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It's flea and tick season. Time to get busy protecting those pets.

Yuck! Here Come the Parasites…

Here in Kansas City, we keep flirting with spring before winter tightens its icy fingers around us one more time. Still, just a couple of days of warm weather is all it takes to awaken the parasite parade. That includes fleas and ticks, but also some others we...
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A Best Friend for My Best Friend

Tom says his rescue dog, Maggie, was miserable. “Maggie had a friend next door,” he says of his puggle. “But the neighbors had to move and her best friend, Molly, left. Maggie just started moping around. She had her tail between her legs and her head was down...
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a kitten peers up at the camera

Pet Poison Prevention

(or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Hiding Poisons from my Pet) As humans, we have the ability to read a package and say, “Oh hey, this is poison. I won’t eat it.” Our pets aren’t so lucky, as much as we may want them to...
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