Hairballs: A Blog

Dogs and cats can change our lives. That's why we believe so strongly in the human animal bond.

Saved by A Four-Legged Friend

We believe in the power of pets to change lives in dramatic ways. And this submission, made by an SNKC client, reveals how true that actually is. We are running it here with only a little editing for length and clarity because it’s an incredible testament to the...
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A group of people stand together in front of a van.

Hanging with Friends

Having friends is important; this is no secret. But almost just as important is remembering that you have friends, making time for them. They bring things to your life: a different perspective, diverse interests, different skills. And you bring those things to their lives too. The first rule...
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For pet owners, Spay and Neuter Kansas City is often the stop they make when they have nowhere else to turn.

Making Baby Better

When I met Lori she was patiently sitting in our lobby. What surprised me is that she didn’t seem worried even though I had been told her dog had a problem and was bleeding on the floor. One look confirmed it … there was blood. Still, Lori sat...
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A hand is holding a cell phone with a dog's face on it.

Smart Collars

To think that all these years we’ve just had regular old dumb homes. Now, with the advent of “smart” devices and their integration into our daily lives, we have “smart” homes: digital hubs that access and play music, thermostats that you can program from your phone, and doorbells...
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Spay and Neuter Kansas City is made up of a bunch of compassionate, understanding people who want to help people care for their dogs and cats.

Who We Are and Why We’re Here

“People should know that this organization is full of people who truly care.” – Bre Wasinger, volunteer services manager … A couple of weeks ago we were short staffed so I jumped in to give a hand and found myself treading water in the controlled chaos that is...
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Moving Day! Making Moves Stress-Free

Moving is stressful. Packing everything up isn’t fun at all, and for people whose home is their refuge, it can be anxiety-inducing to have your living space in disarray. Plus you have to ask yourself the hard questions, like “Why was I saving all these soy sauce packets?”...
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Marie came to us when Precious began having painful dental problems.

In the Name of Love

Marie was trying to give her dog, Precious, away. “I need someone to take her,” she said without looking up. Surrenders – that’s what people in our business call it – happen for a lot of reasons and, typically, none of them are good. An owner has passed...
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We believe families are better together and being prepared for emergencies is how we can all make that happen.

Protecting Pets and People: Five Steps to Help You Face Springtime Storms

I learned to be terrified of tornadoes in the spring of 1977. As I lay hidden underneath a wrestling mat with hundreds of my fellow students in a large gymnasium, a twister was leveling the other two schools in my hometown along with what seemed like most of...
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a woman and a man squat behind their two dogs

Love Your Pet Day Q&A

Love Your Pet Day is one of those days that pops up, and sometimes it seems like, “Didn’t we just do one of these?” There’s no shortage of days celebrating pets, but what’s different about Love Your Pet Day is right there in the name: show your pets...
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Every day on the streets, helping dogs and cats.

It’s Tough Out There Sometimes

Two hours. That’s all I spent outside and a good deal of the time I was in and out of the van, heater blasting full volume against the rush of cold. When we finished – not sure of the time – it was murky and dark. The wind...
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Ending pet homelessness is what we had in mind when we developed our spay and neuter program as well as our other support services.

Our Mission: Ending Pet Homelessness

Imagine a world without shelters. We do. We imagine them out of business, closed tight, the grounds and buildings put to an entirely different use that has nothing to do with animals being housed until they find homes. And it’s not because we don’t like and partner with...
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a pug looks into the camera

Brachycephalic Breeds

I love me a pug. Round and squishy, little tongue sticking out of his mouth. You know the drill. One of them comes into the clinic and I lose my mind. But everytime I see one (after I squee with delight, of course), I remember the difficulties they...
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