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We Are All Outreach

Interconnectedness. It’s a big word, with even bigger implications. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Our workplace culture is based on this idea. All your decisions have consequences, whether it’s for you, a coworker, or a client. You decision will eventually affect someone else’s decision, or their ability to...
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Familias y mascotas que entrenan juntas mantengan juntas

Algo que muchas personas no saben de nosotros es que hacemos más que esterilización, castración y vacunas. Usamos una variedad de medidas diferentes para ayudar en mantener mascotas y sus familias juntas, y una de esas medidas es ofreciendo clases de entrenamiento de perros y cachorros. Soy una...
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Pets and people who train together stay together

Something a lot of people do not know about us is that we do more than just spays, neuters and vaccinations. We take a variety of different measures to help keep people and pets together, and one of them just so happens to be offering dog and puppy...
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A dog rests the front half of her body on the lap of a woman.

2019 by the Numbers

The beginning of a new year is always a chance to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. And with 2020 being a year of big changes for us (just you wait!), we wanted to take stock of our impact. Let’s start with...
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An increase in strays has been noticed all over the city.

Happening Now: On the Streets of KC

Most of the stories we share end with something good, a reunion of pet and person, some simple care delivered where needed or a life saved; affirmations that there is still plenty to feel upbeat about in the world.  And that’s true … we really believe it. On...
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An orange cat looks at the camera

A Sweet Little Pumpkin

Every holiday season we have our “Pumpkin’s Stocking Stuffer” donation drive, where donations to SNKC are doubled by the generosity of a wonderful donor, Stephanie Andrews. But we’ve never shared her story, and the story of Pumpkin, the little orange sweetheart we helped her find a forever home...
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12 consejos de mascotas para las festividades: Edición de viajes

Las festividades han llegado demasiado rápidas, y mucho de nosotros vamos a pasar las festividades con nuestra familia y nuestros amigos, los con dos piernas y cuatro patas. Si va a viajar con su mascota (por carro o por avión), por favor piense de estos consejos útiles para...
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12 pet tips for the holidays: Travel edition

The holidays are shockingly not far away at all, and many of us will be spending the holiday with family and friends, two-legged and four-legged. If you will be traveling with your pet (by car or by plane), keep in mind these helpful tips to make the trip...
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Getting ready to hand out holiday gift bags.

The best day ever

Honestly, it can be emotional here sometimes …  Some of it is from sadness, naturally, but a lot of it is from the overwhelming good that we see from people and animals every day. And not just my co-workers who, I must say, surprise me regularly with their...
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Gracias a Nuestra “Gran Liga” de Voluntarios

Aquí en Spay and Neuter Kansas City, los días pueden ser muy difíciles. El trabajo que hacemos — entre 50 y 70 cirugías cada dia, una clínica lleno de perros y gatos esperando pacientemente las vacunas y miembros de nuestro equipo en la comunidad proveyendo recursos para las...
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To Our ‘Major League’ of Volunteers: Thank You

Here at Spay and Neuter Kansas City, our days can sometimes become pretty overwhelming. The work we do — managing 50 to 70 surgeries a day, having a room full of pets in our clinic patiently waiting to get vaccinated and team members out in the field providing...
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3 dogs sit together

Currently Celebrating: Mutts

We have different names for them. Mutts. Mixed-breed. Heinz 57. But no matter what you call them, they’re fantastic, and we’re celebrating them today. Why should you adopt a mutt? 1. Adopt a mutt, raise awareness. While it’s true that purebred dogs do end up in the shelter,...
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