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The little house at Haskell and Hallock

At the corner of Haskell and Hallock sits a little house that belongs to a man named Will Carroll and his wife, Tonya. I hadn’t met Will yet, but I had heard many wonderful things about him.  The day I visited was brisk, his street was quiet and...
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Customer service is never easy but the SNKC team really enjoys the opportunity to help people.

Compassion Always Wins: Focus on Customer Care

The first thing you have to know is that it’s never easy. Ever.  That doesn’t seem to matter. No matter what the day brings, the SNKC customer service staff seem to always have a ready smile and a quick answer for the barrage of questions that come their...
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5 ‘Citas Divertidas’ perfectas para usted y su mascota

Es la temporada de amor, y todos de nosotros sabemos quienes son nuestras medias naranjas. Las mascotas. Roban nuestros corazones a primera vista, y sabemos que son las únicas que no pueden romperlos. El Día de San Valentín es más que los regalos; es pasar un gran tiempo...
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5 ‘Date Night’ ideas perfect for you and your pet

‘Tis the season of love, and we all know who our real soulmates are. Our pets. They steal our hearts at first sight, and we know they are the only ones who can never break them. Valentine’s Day isn’t so much about the gifts as it is about...
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Having a pet does not mean you can't have a nice lawn.

How your pet’s urine affects your KC lawn

As we approach spring and lawn care time here in KC, we worked with LawnStarter to provide some background on the impact your pet’s bathroom habits can have on your grass. This piece was written by Jasmine Patel for SNKC. …… For many pet lovers, a beautiful lawn...
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Profundizando la agresión canina

La enfoque de SNKC siempre va a ser apasionante y sin juicio – aplica cuando les ayudamos a la gente y las familias, pero también a sus mascotas. Entendemos que el humano perfecto no existe, ni el perro perfecto tampoco. Entonces, en respeto de los valores fundamentos de...
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Digging deeper into dog aggression

Our approach at SNKC is always compassionate and nonjudgemental – this goes for people and families, but also their pets. We understand: the perfect human doesn’t exist, and neither does the perfect dog. So, in respect to our organization’s foundational values, it’s important that we talk about how...
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Two cats lay atop a mantle

National Cat Health Month

Can we chat for a moment? Please, have a seat. It’s about your cat. Chances are, they’re not getting the care they need. (Cue dramatic music and zoom the camera in on your face, utterly surprised) But it’s true! Here’s some statistics to give you context: More homes...
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Voluntaria de tiempo parcial, amante de gatos de tiempo completo

Cuidando de más de 20 gatos no es algo que muchos de nosotros podemos imaginar, pero para Heather, es su realidad cotidiana. Esto no es una exageración tampoco, pero es una combinación de mascotas personales, temporales y gatos comunitarios. De Frenchie a Squeaks McGee a Things 1 y...
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Part-time volunteer, full-time cat lover

Caring for over 20 cats is out of the question for most of us, but for Heather, it’s her everyday reality.  That is not an exaggeration either, but it is a combination of personal pets, fosters and community cats. From Frenchie to Squeaks McGee to Things 1 and...
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A veces el mejor tratamiento es empatía

Mientras yo me estaba sentando en el suelo de la casa de Sra. Pamela, no me podía ayudar de sentirme cómoda como estuviera en mi propia casa – y además no podía creer las historias que me contaba sobre ella y su gato, Cuddles. Estuve allí porque Pamela...
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Sometimes the best treatment is empathy

As I was sitting on the living room floor in Ms. Pamela’s house, I couldn’t help but feel right at home – and I also couldn’t believe the stories she was telling me about her and her cat, Cuddles. I was there because Pamela needed our help. She...
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